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Simple Wood Projects

18 Responses to Simple Wood Projects

  • Good. Don’t forget large hobby stores, HVAC shops, Lawn Equipment Stores,
    Cabinet Shops and Machine Shops.

  • I didn’t think about the lawn equipment places. Machine shops is a good
    option because of the size of the material they have coming in.

  • Thanks for the additional ideas and also subscribing!

  • Thumbs up for considering the people that recycle pallets for a living. All
    you need is 1 if not 2 semi good pallets to come up. Leave the real good
    pallets (specially them blue ones lol) alone. They get good money for them.
    Thanks for sharing this man. And now, on to a pallet wood project!

  • Can’t be greedy. I know that some people make a living collecting metal and
    pallets. This is my hobby, not life.

  • Lol i do that too theres a lot of nice people out there

  • There are also a couple of motorcycle shops by my house (one is a big
    Harley dealer) and they usually take delivery of new bikes on pallets. If
    you don’t leave a mess and use your manners, you can score a ton of nice
    pallets there too.

  • One of the problems with dismantling them on site (as I have to do as I
    only have sedan) is the mess sawing them up makes. One option is to take a
    tarpaulin (or similar) to keep the mess confined and then disposed of
    appropriately – you sure attract some funny looks though. A battery powered
    saw is handy to have too. Unfortunately for me most unwanted pallets go to
    the local waste management place where they chip them up – great mountains
    of them and none available to me…

  • Yes those battery powered circular saws are a great option. You can get
    those in “bundle packs” to get some drills, maybe a recip saw and a
    circular saw.

  • Harley Dealerships are all over the states, thanks for the tip on that.

  • Most 45 gal drums come in on skids-good source for hardwood

  • Local trucking companys and farm equipment dealers are great sources for
    pallets and engine crates.

  • Great ideas – love it.. So often people just want to get rid of their used
    pallets. Great job, thanks!

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